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Helleense Republiek


Pallas Athena en de uil die aan haar is geheiligd.

Horoscoop van Griekenland, onafhankelijkheidsverklaring van Epidauros

Griekenland, onafhankelijkheid
1 januari 1822 OS
9:25 LMT - Nea Epidauros

bron: Thomas Gazis, astroloog.
Artikel: Modern Greece's national horoscope


Epidavros tekst


"In the name of the Holy and Indivisible Trinity, the Greek Nation that in the last four centuries has been under the horrible Turkish rule, unable to bear any more the heavy and unprecedented tyranny, which with huge sacrifices we have finally thrown off, is proclaiming today - through its legitimate delegates here assembled - in front of God and humanity, its political existence and Independence! Epidaurus January 1st 1822."