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on astrology

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From time immemorial, people have wanted to know who they are and have wondered about the purposes of their lives. Astrology, and the natal chart in particular, can give us information about who we are and who we could become, because we are not only influenced by our environment and upbringing, but also by cosmic powers, as described by astrology. We are unique, in the way in which we respond to these influences, in our relationship to our environment and our upbringing, and in our ability to change.

A consultation with me is an opportunity for contemplation, a dialogue dealing with your questions, taking your personal chart as a starting point.

about me


I was born in France but lived in the Netherlands since my first nodal return in the 1970’s. While working as a social worker, studying the influences of cultural background and language upon human consciousness, I took classes with various astrologers, delved into different spiritual. approaches, including esoteric astrology (Bailey) and became a student of the Ancient Wisdom since. I finally graduated from the Faculty of Astrological Studies where I have been a distance learning tutor since 2007.

I own my astrological practice in the Netherlands, give consultations, teach and lecture at home and abroad in Dutch or French.


'With every new language one learns, one wins a new soul'
- Heinrich Heine, poet -


Béatrice Boucher, Diplom. Faculty of Astrol. Studies London | Parkstraat 110-a | 6828 JM Arnhem | The Netherlands

0031(0)26 443 78 52 | information@icaquarius.nl